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I was born and raised here in Iowa. My occupation has taken me all over this great country and Iowa is where I call home. I'm a self-taught carpenter. I’ve been building, repairing, remodeling anything from hog confinements, pole barns to homes for over 35 years.

My Grandfather was a farmer and part of my family still farms. My Father was a WW2 Veteran and my Mother worked retail all her life. I’m happily married to my wife Amy. We have 2 amazing children, our daughter Rhiannon who is 25, living in eastern Iowa and our Son, Todd is 14 and our home is in Boone.

Through my job, I've had the opportunity to work with and make friends with people all over this district. One common thread throughout our communities is Our Iowa Values! 

As a builder I think we need a strong foundation in Des Moines to build on and continue fighting for our rural communities. I have worked hard to help elect public officials at all levels city/county/state/federal and they all share my conservative values. Des Moines has its own swamp. We need a fighter that will go to the capital and represent “We The People” rather than someone who, "GOES ALONG TO GET ALONG!"

I want to fight big government to lower housing prices and create a business friendly environment that will bring in higher paying jobs to our communities.

I’m committed to protecting Sanctity of Life from conception to natural death. As an NRA member I will always fight for our 2nd Amendment rights. Uphold our Iowa Constitution & keep taxes low. Our schools are also lacking options. Not every child is going to college, so we need Vocational Education choices for all our students.

I want to bring back our resources that go to Des Moines and put them back to work for us. Right here for our hospitals, schools and our families.

We as Iowans knows what's best, not some career politician, who's never had dirt under their nails. If you're tired of the same empty promises and inaction from career politicians that result in NO solutions to our everyday problems, vote for me and I'll work on FIXING IT!

I’m asking for Your Support to secure a better future for our rural communities. 


Thank You & God Bless,

Todd Rasmussen 



I can't win this race without your help. Door to door, word-of-mouth, and donating are all ways of helping us achieve our goals together.